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Why It’s Always Worth Having a New-Build Survey

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It can be tempting to think that you don’t need any sort of survey if you are moving into a new-build property. Here Anderson Associates, who can offer a brand new home survey whether you are thinking of moving to Ipswich, Martlesham, or any part of Suffolk, Kent or Essex, explain why it’s always worth the additional investment to avoid any unnecessary costs and repairs.


Warranty Issues

Many new homes come with a 10-year warranty; the most common is issued by the National House Building Council (NHBC) although others are also available from other institutions such as the Federation of Master Builders.

The level of cover these warranties provide can vary, but generally they include defects and structural issues. In most cases, for the first two years, you will be covered for both, but once 24 months have passed, only structural issues will be under warranty on your new-build home. So, from year three onwards, smaller non-structural defects, such as snagging issues or problems with your fixtures and fittings, become your responsibility.

It's also important to note that your warranty won’t usually cover wear and tear, natural disasters and weather damage. The latter two are usually covered by your house insurance.


So What Should You Opt For?

It’s still worth having a brand new home survey done, in the form of a snagging report - the builder will provide their own report. However, in our experience, this is nearly always insufficiently detailed.

Our reports will provide much more information on the standard of workmanship and finish, such as brickwork and render, and that everything is straight and level like the home’s cladding, fascias and soffits, and barge boards.

We will also check that everything has been installed properly inside the home, such as fixtures and fittings in the bathroom and kitchen. We will also ensure that all the walls and window reveals are square, and that floors level and finishes are within acceptable tolerances.

The most important question to ask regarding any new build is that “is the overall standard of ‘fit and finish’ externally and internally to a level that should reasonably be expected for a new build property?”

Remember, what may seem like a minor issue at the start could easily develop into a major problem in a few years’ time – well after any warranty has expired. For example, small cracks could become large ones, leading to problems with damp, condensation or mould. Even if these issues develop within the warranty period, you may only be able to make a successful claim if the issue can be traced to a problem during the initial build.


When Should You Have the Report Done?

If the new build you are buying is built and ready, have a snagging survey carried ideally before you exchange contracts.

If the home is off-plan, (not yet fully built), then try to carry out the survey pre-completion when you will have more negotiating power to get any problems fixed. This is assuming the developer allows you on site, which often they do not; in which case get a snagging survey carried out as soon as possible after moving in.

If an early snagging report identifies a problem, then you should be able to get it sorted via the builder rather than having to pay for it yourself.


Peace of Mind with an Independent Chartered Surveyor

The best way of commissioning a snagging report is via an independent chartered surveyor such as Suffolk-based Anderson Associates.

We work for you, not any lender who you may have taken out the mortgage with, and we can be relied upon to be fully impartial and independent. Our reports will help avoid some of the hassle involved in making a claim via the home’s warranty.

If you would like to know more about the types of snagging report or brand new home survey we can offer from our base near Ipswich, follow this link and fill in the online form; you can also call us on 01473 623656.

And remember, we don’t just carry out surveys on new-builds but period properties, barn conversions, flats, bungalows and thatched cottages. As well as Suffolk, Essex and Kent, we also operate in many parts of London.


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