Chartered surveyors Anderson Associates inspect and provide reports on properties throughout South East London, including Forest Hill, Dulwich, Bromley, Sidcup and Lewisham.

The History of South East London

South East London owes its growth partly due to the construction of London Bridge and other river crossings. Many of the areas covered by Anderson Associates, such as Bromley and Sidcup, are separate towns or boroughs with their own facilities and infrastructure. Historically, they were part of Kent and were built alongside roads which linked the county to London.

The region relies heavily on road and overground rail links, as south-east London’s geology has made it difficult to extend the underground network. Many people commute from these satellite towns into more central areas of London.

Property Mix in the Area

South-east London has a wide mix of properties. Victorian and Edwardian homes, some of which may have been sub-let into flats, are common, and there are also a lot of mode modern homes which were built after 1945. This is because of the policy of slum clearance in and around London, as well as the need to develop and improve areas which had been damaged by bombs during the Second World War.

Whatever type of house survey in south east London you need, contact Anderson Associates – we can provide full building surveys, period flat surveys and new build home surveys.

Anderson Associates – Chartered Surveyors in South East London

In the map above, the blue line approximately shows which areas we cover.
We also cover some parts of South London and Surrey.

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